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Terms and Conditions

By accessing, browsing or paying for products and services from Wave Source Design you signify your acceptance of the following (and hugely reasonable) terms and conditions:

  • You agree that we may hold your details for the purpose of completing your orders, or contacting you regarding your dealings with us. Please also see our Privacy Statement.
  • Unauthorised, copyrighted content that is not under license to your, or not your own copyright,  or commercial use of similar unauthorised content or multimedia material (of any sort) displayed on any website hosted by Wave Source Design is prohibited.
  • Pornography and/or aggregate link websites are not permitted on any website hosted by Wave Source Design.
  • Any email campaigns conducted from servers run by Wave Source Design must confirm with the Australian Spam Act 2003.
  • Information in the site is subject to change without notice.

Hosting Account and Service Suspensions

A suspension of hosting or domain name services may occur for following reasons:

  • When invoice payments have not been received;
  • If the website or email service has been compromised;
  • If the website or email service is involved in any illegal activity.

In each case, our support team will attempt to contact the listed account owner either by email, either through account invoice reminders, or if illegal activity is detected, by email or phone. If any or all of your services have been suspended and we haven't yet contacted you, please contact us.

Payments for hosting and domain services

Wave Source Design reserves the right to suspend all customer hosting accounts and domain and mail services that have outstanding invoices. We make every effort to advise customers of any invoices coming due, providing time to cancel such services or make payment. Automatic payment notifications are sent to the contact email address attached to the account 7 days prior to the subscription invoice being issued, and once weekly two times after that.

In the case the account remains unpaid:

  • Notifications are sent to customers reminding of an overdue invoice;
  • Services are suspended 7 days after the overdue date;

Once an account is suspended, all domain services contained in the account are also suspended.

Note: Suspension will prevent all services from functioning. No information, emails, or files are deleted or removed unless the account continues to remain inactive.

Once payment is made, an account will be automatically unsuspended and services resumed (generally within the hour).

Hosting Account and Service Terminations

Wave Source Design reserves the right to terminate all customer accounts if payment has not been received after the final overdue payment notification (generally 2 weeks after invoice overdue).

Wave Source Design makes every effort to contact account holders for payment prior to termination.

Note: Termination completely deletes all account files and removes all associated services. All information, emails, data and files are deleted from our servers - once deleted, they cannot be restored.