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Refund Policy

Web Hosting Accounts

All new web hosting accounts are covered by a 30 day money back guarantee. If you become dissatisfied with our services at any point within the first 30 days of holding an active account, we will issue a 100% refund of your money unless otherwise specified at, or prior to, the time of purchase.

Web Hosting Renewals

Your web hosting account will renew on an annual basis. Refunds for web hosting account renewals will be granted to customers who request a cancellation of their service, in writing, no later than 5 days before the renewal date. No exceptions will be made to this policy.

Domain Names

All domain names sales are made final at the time of purchase. You are the sole owner of any domain names registered through our services upon payment in full. Should you decide to leave our service for another provider, domain names are transferable and therefore not subject to refunds.

Changes to registered domain names (incorrect spelling, etc..) cannot be made once the domain has been purchased with a domain registry. It is very important that you verify the spelling of your domain name and it is recommended that you have someone else read it as well to ensure it is exactly as expected.

Domain Name Renewals

Domain Name renewals are billed automatically on the schedule agreed to in the contract. They will renew automatically until you email us or cancel the renewal of your domain name yourself via your domain name account login. Keep in mind that domain names are on a minimum of the period registered, ie. there is no refund on unused time on a domain registered for 12 months if cancelled at 6 months through that period.

Design Services

Refunds are offered if our design services:

  • were not carried out with due care and skill
  • were not fit for any specified purpose
  • were not completed within a reasonable time (when no time has been set)