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Print and Campaign Design

In this section are some examples of print and campaign design, which are very important in terms of delivering product awareness. These can be permanent, such as websites, product/workshop manuals, or short term, such as dedicated focus websites, webpages, email campaigns, and print material.

Campaigns and printed materials vary in design possibilities depending on the format, but they all serve as information and interaction platforms in their own ways, with a primary purpose of marketing your business or ideas, and engaging an audience.

Delivery and costs are different; it is obvious that an email is cheaper to send than a printed flyer, while a website is an ongoing presence that grows organically with your business. Print advertising is still an effective medium: synchonised with online email campaigns they can help cement reputations and cut through.

We also operate our own mail list server, regularly delivering email campaigns for our clients.

No matter how small or simple the job is, staying in touch with the day-to-day grind of informing and engaging audiences is the baseline for a healthy business.