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Print and Campaign Design

In this section are some examples of print and campaign design, which are very important in terms of delivering product awareness. These can be permanent, such as websites, product/workshop manuals, or short term, such as dedicated focus websites, webpages, email campaigns, and print material.


Books and ebooks

Wave Source Design has been fortunate enough to receive regular contracts for book design work from authors and publishers from the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and the U.S.A. We have designed over 100 books and covers in the recent years.

We have extensive experience with interior text layout as well as cover work, and we also have years of magazine layout and design under our belt, including (of course) ad design.


Art and Illustration

Illustration has always been one of our strengths: the ability to deliver not only logos and photo montage work on demand, but also to supply cartoons, sketches, intricately detailed vector/digital art when required.

Drawing is the basis of all art, and these days fresh and realistic live brush and line work can be efficiently captured using computers, and put to work enhancing your presentations with ease and scalability.